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UCSI University is a vibrant community of learning and scholarship. At present, more than 12,000 students study at the University. Over the years, students from 110 different countries have studied at UCSI University, making the campus a melting pot of culture and diversity. As one of Malaysia’s first private universities, UCSI University has long impacted the national higher education landscape and the University continues to do so with its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.  

The University’s academic staff are at the forefront of their disciplines and their views are highly sought after on major issues; from business to political science. Many of our academics have extensive experience working overseas and some play advisory roles in public bodies and various committees. By bringing their experiences into the classroom, our academics cater to an exhilarating learning environment and learners will thrive as they balance academic mastery with industrial application. 

UCSI University’s strong track record of university-industry engagement has attracted attention from the powers that be and the University is entrusted to reshape Malaysia’s tourism and hospitality industry through education. By leading the Malaysian Centre of Tourism and Hospitality Education – a consortium of Malaysia’s foremost education institutions – that endeavours to equip at least 50% of the industry’s workforce with a diploma or a degree by 2020, UCSI University stands in the nation’s service and that of the global community. 

Building on its domestic standing as a preferred and trusted education provider, the University is also expanding its sphere of influence. Tie-ups with foreign universities, research institutes and leading multinational companies are constantly established, enhancing opportunities for students and staff in the areas of research and development, mobility programmes and career opportunities, among others. 

While these developments are encouraging, the true story of the University is about its students. Many of our alumni have gone on to achieve great things in life – from business to science and the performing arts. Most remain in close contact and the University is gratified to play a role in grooming movers and shakers that define today’s – and tomorrow’s – world. 

Since its inception in 1986, UCSI University has been committed to further the discovery and celebration of knowledge. The University’s commitment – and success – in undergraduate teaching is matched by its progress in research and the discovery of knowledge, making it a true hub of higher education. Seeking to open doors for students around the world, the University’s generous financial aid programme ensures that prodigious students from all economic backgrounds can afford a UCSI University education.   

Our Programes

UCSI Graduate Business School (UCSI GBS) is one of the leading business schools in the Asia region. This is a school where new perspectives and knowledge are created by engaging cutting-edge technology in teaching, impactful research, and extensive collaboration with the industry. The school is committed to equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the global arena and connect them with best practices in business. We offer a wide range of Master's and Doctorate programmes in response to the business and market demands globally. Our academic team are international experts in their fields and have engaged in contract research activities and consultancy projects globally. UCSI GBS is currently ranked in the 251-300 bracket in the 2021 QS World University Rankings By Subject under the Business and Management category.

Established in 1999, UCSI University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences has distinguished itself as one of Malaysia’s leading hubs of scientific study. The Faculty stands out for the quality of academic teaching and research in Biotechnology, Food Science, Nutrition and Aquatic Science.

The Faculty is home to intelligent and ambitious individuals who target a fast-track career in food technology, food science, applied science and others related science courses. Our students go beyond themselves in every endeavour and the Faculty provides them with myriad avenues to shine. The Faculty enjoys an impressive haul of intervarsity awards and many of our undergraduate students steal a march on their postgraduate counterparts by publishing their research findings in scientific journals. Success is an integral part of the Faculty’s identity and character.

As a student, you can look forward to numerous opportunities to realise your potential through our programmes that encompass a large area in the scope of bachelor of science. Learning will take you from modern classrooms to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. You will learn from respected academics who are at the forefront of research in their – and your – discipline. The knowledge you obtain will serve as the bedrock for further specialisation. And your experience will be nothing short of immense.

The Faculty's emphasis on postgraduate study makes it a significant contributor to science in Malaysia and its endeavours in research complement its long track record of excellence in teaching and learning. An important aspect of postgraduate study at the Faculty is the wide range of specialisms you may opt for. Molecular biology, microbiology, pharmacology, cancer research, analytical chemistry, molecular modelling, food science and nutrition, and nanotechnology are some of the quintessential fields of research at the Faculty. Offered via research and coursework pathways, the Faculty's offerings are designed with you in mind. Full-time and part-time options are available and you can pursue your academic interests without any disruption to your career. Regardless of your preferred route, you can be confident that you will be stepping into an immersive experience of science and discovery.

Our purpose is to educate and transform individuals who will make a difference.

The Faculty of Business and Management (FBM) is one of the largest faculties in UCSI University. At FBM, we seek to promote interdisciplinary approaches – a strategy that has contributed immensely to many of our students’ achievements. As part of the Faculty's philosophy in effecting positive change through transformative education, our programmes are diversified to cultivate an authentic learning environment. Be it our Master in Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration (BBA) as well as other business management courses and the accounting courses, they are fused with innovative teaching and learning practices with strategic partnerships and research.

At UCSI University, we believe that dialogue is a form of profound human communication. The Faculty places great emphasis on annual programme review meetings as constant interaction with parents, subject experts and industry practitioners which is imperative in ensuring that the programmes remain relevant to industrial needs. The feedback sessions also pass as a watershed in our efforts to groom high-calibre market-driven graduates.

Each year, we welcome students from over 60 countries into our various programmes, guaranteeing an eclectic mix of student population that is highly enriching in nature. The Faculty also boasts close relationships with key industrial partners such as Tricor, Apple and the Securities Commission to provide student training and sponsorship for university events, as well as professional accrediting bodies such as ACCA, CIMA, CPA Australia, RFP and SOA that provide professional certification as well as exemptions to students.

One of its students from the actuarial science programme is the first Malaysian to obtain the Associate of Canadian Institute of Actuaries (ACIA). And he was only in his third of the actuarial science programme.

So whether it is to study for an MBA, a BBA or any other business courses, know that your foundation in business starts here.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences works to advance healthcare through medical courses. Our mission as a medical school is to groom tomorrow’s doctors and healthcare practitioners to heal, care, and make life better for local, national, and global communities. To this end, we seek to equip the best people with the best ideas, skill sets and ethics to make a telling difference in all they do.

The fight to alleviate human suffering from diseases is a complex one. New complications arise constantly and medical advancement must follow suit. We understand this at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and our students are groomed to possess a thorough understanding of the genetic underpinnings of human diseases. Our medical courses are suited for those who aspire to make a difference and advance research in top medical universities such as Harvard and University of Melbourne.

The faculty offers a wide range of medical courses, optometry courses and nursing courses. If reaching out and making the world a better place is what you strive for then we would like to hear from you.


The Faculty of Engineering Technology and Built Environment (FETBE) came into existence in 2007 as a result of a synergetic merger between the School of Engineering and the School of Architecture and Built Environment, which were established in 1992 and 2005, respectively.

Supported by decades of accumulated experience in the education and industrial sectors, the faculty has evolved rapidly to become one of the most prestigious and innovative providers of engineering courses and architecture courses, not only in Malaysia but throughout the region. Notably, the faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that have gained national and international recognition.

One of the many attractive features that distinguishes the FETBE at UCSI University from conventional programmes is the exceptional learning and teaching environment it provides – all supported by its very own custom-built campus that includes state-of-the-art educational and recreational facilities.

Its philosophy envisages the creation of an entirely new system of engineering and architecture courses that supports diversity and integration between programmes. To exemplify such diversity, the faculty offers a comprehensive range of postgraduate, undergraduate degrees and diploma programmes in the following engineering and Built Environment areas: Architecture Courses, Interior Design Courses, Quantity Surveyor Course, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Communication and Electronic Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. On the other hand, in an effort to create a culture of innovation, the faculty also provides its scholars with key integrations for major-minor specialisations, postgraduate studies and research.

The faculty recently introduced the artificial intelligence course. The Ai course complements other engineering courses to help students be future-ready in embracing the trends set by Industry 4.0.


Our Objective

  • To continuously develop high quality learning experiences for students through a strong curriculum linked with strategic industry partners.
  • To provide students with meaningful and relevant industrial experience to promotes excellence in engineering and built environment education.
  • To continuously explore the potentials for programme growth to meet industry needs
  • To provide continuous professional development opportunities for staff to generate growth in teaching expertise and research.